Integration Services

Work smarter, not harder

"Integration may be the most cost-effective way to add business value to enterprises!"
Robert Diaz, Brooklyn Business Expo: April 7, 2011

What is Integration?

Integration brings separate software and database systems together to function as a single, cohesive system. By uniting critical components and creating new organizational capabilities, software integration permits to save a lot of time and money for businesses.

When all the applications are integrated and data is flowing efficiently and effortlessly, it allows for staff to better perform their jobs and makes the company more competitive.

What are the benefits for my company?

  • Reduce the cost of manual data reentry and report generation
  • Increase revenue by empowering your own sales and support teams
  • Help to save time and increase productivity
  • Allows you and your staff to make better informed decisions every day
  • Have all information available together in one place
  • Develop enhanced customer relationships
  • Experience seamless daily operations

What can RDA do for my company?

RDA provides services such as reporting expertise, data integration and On-Demand software customization to help your business succeed.

We help increase productivity by eliminating double data-entry, application hopping and helping to automate redundant business processes. When you have information from different sources centralized in your favorite application, it empowers your to make better business decisions.

Having information available from all aspects of your business together in one place allows you and your staff to make informed decisions every day. Your business will develop enhanced customer relationships and experience seamless daily operations as a result of an effective software systems integration solution.

For all of your integration projects, RDA has the experienced team, the technical know-how and the support you need to get the job done right.

Typical Integration Solutions   Languages
  • Integration of CRM (e.g. Sage ACT!, Saleslogix, and Accounting applications (e.g. Intuit QuickBooks, MAS 90...)
  •   C# (or Java)
  • e-Commerce systems integration and maintenance
  • Integrating public websites to internal/legacy systems
  •   PHP + depends on legacy system (JAVA, C, C++, C#...), SQL
  • Build a database backed website
  • Extending an existing system by adding a module or subsystem
  •   (PHP, JAVA, C++, C#...)
  • Project/Concept Prototype
  •   C# (or Java), PHP, SQL

    Since 1986, our software engineers and project managers gained extensive experience in design and implementation of mission critical systems. With our wide selection of software tools and languages (C#, C++, PHP, XML, Java™, .NET, VB Assembler and others), RDA can build a customized system to fit your needs.

    Products developed by RDA (Integrated Systems):

    • ServiceTracker in 2003 (ACT!, QuickBooks, Dispatching System, ADP, Billing System, GroupWise, BES, eDirectory, MindManager)
    • HAMmer for GWAVA in 2005 (GWAVA, Formativ, eDirectory, GroupWise)
    • dbLinkUp for ACT! and QuickBooks in 2009 (ACT!, QuickBooks)
    • Advansys (Over 20 Custom Solutions integrated with many different systems)

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